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Substance Use Awareness

Substance Use Awareness is about providing opportunities for the community to learn about substances and help prevent, educate and deter their use. By raising awareness about the lasting complexities of addiction, and the detrimental impacts that drugs and alcohol can have on individuals, families, friends, employment and the community, we can inform and provide resources for those seeking support. Furthermore, awareness of the issue can enhance the positive impact that individuals, schools, government and community agencies have in assisting residents suffering from the harmful effects of substance use.

Throughout the Public Safety Strategy development, you consistently said you felt substance use was a major contributing factor to public safety issues in Surrey.

Public Safety will be improved when there is better understanding of the underlying causes and treatments for substance use. The way we can all understand these causes and treatments is to take action together:

  • Fraser Health provides support for substance use programs from a health care perspective.
  • Surrey RCMP addresses drug-related offenses.
  • The City of Surrey hosts and supports events and organizes multiple partners

You can learn how to recognize possible signs of substance use in family and friends and help get supports.

"The more that young people find positive ways of getting their needs met, the need for connection, belonging and purpose, the less likely they’ll try to meet those needs by reaching for substances, for less healthy connections  that don’t support their best lives.” George Passmore, Options BC

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 Fentanyl use

Recent increases in overdoses and exposure to fentanyl among the substance use community are being addressed in a number of ways. One example is the RCMP fentanyl info session. The City is collaborating with Fraser Health, RCMP and other partners on a specific response plan to this issue that will be reported and managed outside the Strategy.

Substance Use Awareness Team (SUAT)

The Substance Use Awareness Team (SUAT) unites 13 community experts in the City of Surrey with the collective goal to create awareness around the issues of substance use, gambling and process addictions and to support vulnerable populations and the general community.

The Substance Use Awareness Team (SUAT) provides the City’s specific support to substance use issues by

  • coordinating public awareness campaigns,
  • promoting safe use of legal substances and gaming,
  • empowering youth to make positive choices about substance use, and
  • providing resources such as fact sheets.

Team Members

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