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Winter Snow & Ice Control Operations

Snow plow on road

During the winter months our City may have snow and ice conditions that can cause hazardous conditions. In the event of a snowfall, City of Surrey crews are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with salt, sand and snow plows. We thank you in advance for your cooperation, patience and understanding during these events.

Snow and ice operations are done on a priority basis to keep streets safe throughout the City during bad conditions.

Residents and businesses also play an important part in winter snow and ice operations. Learn more about your role during winter conditions.

Priority Routes

First Priority Routes

Snow and ice operations begin on major roads, like heavy traffic roads, major collector roads, transit routes and roads with steep hills.

Second Priority Routes

Once the major roads are cleared, crews move on to local connector roads in residential areas. These are roads that are over 200 meters in length and connect local traffic with either an arterial or major collector roadway.

During short snow storms, second priority routes rarely receive service due to the time required to address first priority/major routes. In the event that bad weather conditions return during clearing of second priority routes, resources and equipment are diverted back to first priority routes.

Residential Roads

Please be advised that the City of Surrey, like most municipalities within the region, will not service local residential streets and cul-de-sacs unless there is an immediate safety issue.

Download the City of Surrey's Snow and Ice Route Map.

Anti-Icing Program

The City Anti-icing program treats the surfaces of major arterial roads in the case of forecasted snow or icy conditions. Anti-icing includes applying a brine solution which dries on roads with the leftover salt/ This works when snow begins to fall or when freezing temperatures occur. This approach effectively reduces or slows down the accumulation of snow and ice on treated pavement surfaces.


The City will place weather and road condition advisories on this webpage. Check back during a snow event for updates about Surrey roads.

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