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Emergency Social Services Flood Plan

Phase 1

The Emergency Social Services team will assist in the preparation of material to ensure that the affected residents are prepared to evacuate and where possible, encourage residents to arrange their own evacuation destination. Volunteers and ESS staff have been alerted and trained for a possible evacuation.

Phase 2

In this phase, individuals and families may choose to make an early evacuation. It is essential that they register with Emergency Social Services (ESS) to provide emergency contact information so their whereabouts are known.

Phase 3

In case of evacuation the following will occur:

An ESS Reception Centre will be established and residents will be notified of the location. All evacuees should go directly to the Reception Centre to register and if required, be assigned accommodation and other necessary services. Those evacuees who do not require any of these resources, must register with the Red Cross through their Central Registry and Inquiry Bureau phone line so there whereabouts are known in order to provide information to friends and family who have lost contact with them. The Reception Centre will be kept open until evacuees have secured accommodation, and then will be scaled down for the duration of the flood.

Phase 4

In the re-entry phase, all evacuees should inform the Red Cross Central Registry that they are returning to their homes. The Red Cross may assist individuals and families in the recovery phase through their disaster relief program.

Emergency Social Services Contact Information

Provincial Emergency Program
phone: 1- 800-858-9559

Emergency Social Services
Parks, Recreation & Culture