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Metered Utilities Areas & Due Dates

Water meter.

If you’re part of the Water Meter Program, you’ll be sent a metered utility bill three times a year. The payment due dates depend on which one of four metered utility areas of Surrey your property is located. Find your Metered Utility Area on the top right corner of your Metered Utility Bill or review the maps below.

Metered Utility bill showing location of Metered Utility Area

Metered utilities billing schedule

Review the billing schedule for your area and pay your utility bill online, by mail, in person or through the Metered Utilities Auto-Debit Plan.

Payment reminders

  • Please note late payments are subject to a 5% penalty.
  • Any utility balances remaining unpaid as of December 31 will be transferred to the property tax account (except for Area 3 customers who received new water charges in billing period 3 that are due January 2). If the due date falls on a holiday or weekend, you may pay on the following business day without penalty.
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  • Area 1 Billing Schedule expand
  • Area 1 Billing Schedule

    Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Jan.

    Mar. 2

    End of May

    July 2

    End of Sept.

    Nov. 2
  • Area 2 Billing Schedule expand
  • Area 2 Billing Schedule

    Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Feb.

    Apr. 2

    End of June

    Aug. 2

    End of Oct.

    Dec. 2

  • Area 3 Billing Schedule expand
  • Area 3 Billing Schedule

    Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Nov.

    Jan. 2

    End of Mar.

    May 2

    End of July

    Sept. 2

  • Area 4 Billing Schedule expand
  • Area 4 Billing Schedule

    Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Dec.

    Feb. 2

    End of Apr.

    June 2

    End of Aug.

    Oct. 2