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Metered Utilities

Saving money with metered utilities

If you're part of the Water Meter Program, you'll receive a Metered Utilities bill, meaning you only pay for the water you use.

Instead of Annual Utilities, which is billed once a year, your Metered Utilities bill arrives every 4 months, according to your Metered Utility Area. Review your Metered Utilities Area Due Date to see when your next due date is.

Keeping your meter clear

You will receive better service and accurate consumption readings if your meter is accessible to be read.  Meter readers require plain view of the water meter.

Estimates occur when:

  • meter lids are covered by pots and plants
  • meter lids have been landscaped over
  • gates are locked
  • dogs are unleashed

With proper reads, leaks and maintenance issues can be detected. Learn how to maintain your water meter.

Read more about Surrey's Volunteer Water Meter Program for single-family dwellings.

Water meter.

Metered Utilities Areas & Due Dates

Become familiar with the due dates for your Metered Utility Area.

Water meter.

Metered Utility Rates & Billing

See your Metered Utility Rates and learn how to calculate your metered utility charges.

City of Surrey

Utilities Payment Options

Pay your Surrey utilities by April 3, 2017.

Colourful fall trees along lining a Surrey boulevard.

Metered Utilities Auto-Debit Plan

Save time and have your metered utility amount automatically debited from your account on the due date every 4 months.

Special Meter Reading Request Form

Have your solicitor arrange for a special water meter reading on a home you've purchased or are selling.

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