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Annual Utilities

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If your property doesn't have a meter, you're billed once a year, based on an annual flat-rate and your property dwelling type for the calendar year.

Annual utilities are always due on April 2 of each year. When April 2 falls on a holiday or a weekend, annual utilities are due the following business day. To see what annual utilities include, review your annual utility rates and learn how to calculate your annual utility bill.

Once you've found your Utility Account Number on your annual utility bill, choose your annual utilities payment option. Choose to pay online through your financial institution, pay by phone, or mail your payment to Surrey City Hall.

Saving money and water: Volunteer Water Metering

But, you can save water and money by signing up for our Volunteer Water Meter Program. If you use less water than the average household does, the program lets you save money by saving water.

If you have a water meter, your property is billed by your metered utility area. Each of the 4 metered utility areas has its own due date, which may be different from the annual utilities due date.


City of Surrey

Utilities Payment Options

Pay your Surrey utilities by April 3, 2017.

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Annual Utilities Due Date

Find out when your annual utility & sewer notice are due.