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Traffic Management Centre (TMC)

Traffic Management Centre

Real Time Traffic Management

The Traffic Management Centre is an important tool the City uses to control congestion throughout Surrey.

Located in City Hall, staff monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic in real time using cameras that are located throughout the City at key intersections. Surrey has over 400 cameras.    

With the TMC, staff are able to:

  • Proactively control signal lengths to keep traffic moving;
  • See where accidents happen and give priority to detour routes;
  • Keep traffic moving around construction to avoid congestion.

Traffic Alerts

Staff in the TMC tweet traffic alerts from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Follow @SurreyTraffic for updates.

Tour the TMC

Tours of Surrey City Hall are open to the public. One of the stops is the TMC where you'll be able to see the facility and the staff in action. Learn how to book a tour.


To contact Traffic Operations, please e-mail or call 604-591-4338.

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