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Fire Fighter's helmet

The Surrey Fire Service (SFS) is divided into 5 different divisions with 3 branches, according to their function.

Administration Division

The Administration Division is in charge of everything that happens in the SFS. This division includes the Fire Chief, and the administration team.

Go to Command Staff for a staff photo gallery and individual contact information.

For general, non-emergency inquiries please call 604-543-6700 or send us an email.

Operations Division

The Operations Division is made up of 3 branches: Prevention, Suppression and Training.

Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division makes sure that industrial, public assembly buildings, and residential occupancies meet the BC Fire Code. The Fire Prevention branch is further divided into Fire Inspection, Fire Investigation and Public Education sections. The Chief Prevention Officer oversees the Fire Prevention Branch.

To contact the Fire Prevention Office, call 604-543-6780 or email

The Chief Fire Prevention Officer can be contacted at 604-543-6760 or via email at

Suppression Branch

The Suppression branch attends to all emergency responses and critical interventions, such as motor vehicle accidents. Battalion Chiefs, Captains, Fire Fighters and Volunteer Firefighters make up the Suppression Branch of the fire department.

This branch includes specialty areas such as Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue and suppression and first responder activities.

General Inquiries may be directed to 604-543-6700.

Training Branch

The Training Branch puts on new learner courses, re-certifications, skills maintenance and specialty training.

Find more about the Training Branch.

You can reach our Training Branch at 604-598-0191, 604-598-0192 or 604-598-0193.

Communications Division

The Communications Division takes calls and dispatches for the SFS as well as 32 other communities across BC. The Communication division contains the Dispatch Centre, Computer Specialists and Communications Technician. Learn more about the Communications Division.

For information on the Part-Time Radio Dispatcher Position, visit the Surrey Fire Careers.

To contact the Communications Division, call 604-543-6700.

Mechanical Division

The Mechanical Division, under the Chief Mechanic, coordinates the mechanics to maintain the SFS’s fleet of fire apparatus and support vehicles.

Find more about the Mechanical Division.

Support Division

This division keeps the department running smoothly. They handle much of the paperwork and records generated by the department along with day-to-day administration.

Reach the support staff by calling 604-543-6700.