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Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society

The Surrey Firefighters have a proud tradition of serving the community we work and live in. We see being a firefighter as more of a calling than a job because it filters through all aspects of our work and is an integral part of the culture we work in.

The Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society is administered by the Surrey Firefighters Association and is supported by the Surrey Fire Service. Explore what they do on the Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society website.

If you or your association would like to partner with the Surrey Firefighter Charities, fill out and send us a Charities Request Form.

Mission statement

To provide charitable programs that benefit the citizens of our community and to assist other charities within the community that have similar goals and objectives.

Goals and objectives

  • To provide relief from poverty.
  • To assist members of the community that have been affected by traumatic wounds, injuries, or episodes.
  • To raise money for medical and health care research.
  • To provide bursaries for community service.
  • Sponsoring programs that promote staying in school.
  • Delivering programs that offer positive life experiences and enhance self-esteem.

At the end of the day, our objective is to be the number one community charity in Surrey.