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Career & Volunteer Opportunities

A Surrey Fire Service helmet, with Surrey R4 written on it.

Plan out your career in the fire service with our help. Learn what becoming a firefighter is all about, and look for your volunteer firefighter opportunities or career opportunities with the Surrey Fire Service.


Two Surrey firetrucks parked inside a fire hall.

Becoming a Firefighter

Learn how firefighting is a career that offers great satisfaction, good pay, flexibility, diversity and a new experience everyday.

Four members of the Surrey Fire Service posing for a picture.

Career Opportunities

Learn the requirements to become a career firefighter with the Surrey Fire Service.

A binder full of paper, opened.

Fire Training Links

Review a list of institutions that offer IFSAC Certified NFPA 1001, 1002 Firefighter training and First Responder Level 3 training to learn [...]

A firefighter walking down a fire hall hallway.

Hiring Process FAQs

Find answers to your questions about the Surrey Fire Service's hiring process.

Candidate doing the Surrey Fire Fighter's physical test, going through a tight space.

Career Firefighter Physical Test

Get details on the Surrey Fire Service's new physical fitness test.

Surrey Fire Service volunteer firefighters doing a training exercise.

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn the qualifications and commitment to be a volunteer firefighter with the Surrey Fire Service.