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Litter Prevention


Litter prevention and cleanup is everyone's responsibility.

Like many large cities, Surrey is faced with litter problems. City staff work hard to keep the roads clean, but remember: Surrey has a total land area of 317 square kilometres and a transportation network made up of over 2000 kilometres of roads. The wind spreads litter to neighbouring areas if the garbage is not disposed properly.

Litter costs everyone in the community - and it's not just the cost of cleanup. It also sends a negative message: a litter-covered community looks unsanitary and uncared for. This is why we have our Unsightly Properties By-law, which states: "an owner or occupier of any parcel of property is required to maintain their frontage for a distance that coincides with their property including removal of accumulations of filth, rubbish or discarded materials. This includes both households and businesses."

Motorists and pedestrians create between 30% and 55% of all litter. Households, businesses and construction sites are responsible for approximately 50% of all litter.

Litter prevention tips

Follow these litter prevention tips to make a huge difference in your community:


  • Keep a litter bag in your vehicle and empty it when you reach your destination.
  • Always secure your load if you carry trash or loose materials in a truck.


  • Tidy stray materials at the curb and boulevard after your collection day.
  • Make sure your waste cart lids are securely closed.
  • Hold onto your trash until you find a garbage can or recycling bin.
  • Keep cigarette butts in ashtrays and throw them out properly.
  • Report areas of concern to the City.


  • Frequently check your dumpsters and make sure the lids are closed and locked.
  • Have staff regularly tidy the area around your store. Keep a litter pick up schedule.
  • Work together with neighbouring businesses to keep the area clean for customers.
  • Install private litter receptacles on your proeprty for customer use.

Adopt-A-Street Program Volunteering Opportunity

The City of Surrey’s Adopt-a-Street program is a fun and easy way to get involved in your community, and to keep our streets free of garbage and debris.

Volunteer Now

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