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105 Avenue Connector

Project Background

The need for the completion of an east west connector north of 104 Avenue was first identified as part for the Whalley-Guildford Town Centre Plan in the early 1980’s. This was to accommodate and support increasing population from the changes in land use densities from single family homes to multifamily dwellings permitted in the plan area. The new east/west road corridor would improve neighbourhood access and connectivity within the growing community and was officially included as part of the City’s 1986 Official Community Plan (OCP). The alignment for the 105 Avenue connector is reflected in the City’s Road Classification (R-91) Map and is provided below.

Project Map

105 Avenue connector project location

Project Guiding Principles

The 105 Avenue connector project is a comprehensive and complex project. The City’s five project principles guiding the project are:

1. Deliver Critical Collector Road Connection for the Neighbourhood

A Collector road’s purpose is to:

  • allow traffic to flow within larger neighbourhoods
  • distribute traffic between local and arterial roads 
  • provide connections between arterial roads.

As there are currently limited east/west corridors between 104 Avenue and 108 Avenue we've identified that a Collector road connection will provide improved:

  • road connectivity
  • access
  • mobility 
  • circulation for the neighbourhood
  • as well as help reduce reliance on arterial roads such as 108 Avenue and 104 Avenue for neighbourhood access.

With the anticipated start of construction for Light Rail Transit (LRT) on 104 Avenue in 2018, which was identified in the Regional Mayors' Council 10-Year Investment Plan, changes to access, including: access restrictions along 104 Avenue, will occur. It is important that this Collector road be provided to ensure reliable and efficient access for the community to City Centre, Guildford and the rest of the City’s transportation system.

2. Improve Access to and Use of Hawthorne Rotary Park

Hawthorne Rotary Park is classified as a Community Park for residents of Guildford. It is well loved by the community but currently has low visibility from adjacent residences and roads leading to lower usage of the park and concerns regarding vandalism and other negative activities.

While the project will have impacts to the park in the short term, the City is committed to:

  • investing in Hawthorne Rotary Park to mitigate project impacts
  • upgrading the park infrastructure
  • improving access and visibility to the park
  • The project includes developing a master plan for Hawthorne Rotary Park including new and improved park amenities and enhanced natural areas.

The project’s consultation process includes several events to provide comment on the future vision for Hawthorne Rotary Park.

3. Provide High Quality Multi-Modal Facilities

The 105 Avenue Connector is committed to provide high quality multi-modal facilities that support broader City initiatives found in the City’s OCP, Sustainability Charter and Transportation Strategic Plan to support alternative modes of transportation consisting of:

  • off-street separated raised bike lanes;
  • concrete sidewalks and/or asphalt pathways to support mobility within the community and accessibility to transit, Hawthorne Rotary Park, and other destinations;
  • street lighting to improve pedestrian, cyclists, and vehicle visibility;
  • safe accessible pedestrian crossings at select intersections; and
  • On-street parking.

4. Mitigate Impacts of the Project

The City recognizes that introducing this planned road connection will be a significant change within the community. The City is committed to minimize impacts related to the project and where possible will minimize property acquisition by:

  • applying interim road infrastructure with the ultimate road infrastructure being delivered as future redevelopment occurs
  • where on-street parking exists the project will explore opportunities to retain on-street parking or provide new on-street parking for residents, visitors and/or users of the Park.

Park impacts will be mitigated by implementing a reduced road corridor footprint, evaluating opportunities to meander the alignment and where possible protecting significant trees and environmental features. The project will replace lands impacted by 105 Avenue so that there is no net loss of Park land and an overall improvement to the function of the Park.

Project Timing

Given the large scope of the project, it will be constructed in a multi-phased program. Phase 1 is planned between Whalley Boulevard and 144 Street, with construction anticipated to commence in early January 2018, and completed by November 2018. A more detailed schedule is outlined below. Subsequent phases between 144 Street and 150 Street are illustrated on the map.

Public Consultation

The City is committed to a full and inclusive public consultation process. We will maintain this early and ongoing consultation process during all applicable aspects of the project plan development. The community will have multiple opportunities to provide input and the City will consider the public input as advice to guide the Project Principles, described above, for inclusion in the project plans. The City will inform the community about the results of the consultation process to ensure a transparent and accountable process. Information regarding the progress of the project, and regular updates will be available on this webpage

Over the next two months the City’s consultants will be undertaking an information gathering process and there will be teams in the area completing field surveys, geotechnical investigations, tree surveys, and environmental assessments. The City will inform residents of upcoming community consultantion sessions by mail, newspaper, and through this project page, so keep checking in.

Project Schedule for 105 Avenue Connector (Phase 1)

Activity Anticipated Timing
Information Gathering & Conceptual Design April 2017 
Conceptual Design and Hawthorne Rotary Park Public Information Meeting May to July 2017
Detailed Design July to August 2017
Detailed Project Design and Hawthorne Rotary Park Public Information Meeting September 2017
Construction January 2018
Completion of 105 Avenue Connector (Phase 1) November 2018