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We wish you to be informed and prepared when interment arrangements are required. Information specific to Surrey’s cemeteries is grouped into:

  • Interment Options
  • Graveside Options
  • Product Options
  • Forms
  • Memorial Placement, and
  • Cemetery Fee Schedule for easy reference.

Interment Options

The City of Surrey cemeteries are open to all, and residents of Surrey receive a reduced rate for the Right of Interment. Residency is based on home address at time arrangements are made.

This chart explains which interment options are available at Surrey Centre Cemetery, Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery and Hazelmere Cemetery.

Interment Options Surrey Centre Cemetery Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery Hazelmere Cemetery
Traditional Casket Burial Yes Yes Yes
In-Ground Cremation Burial Yes Yes Yes
Columbarium Inurnment Pending Yes Not at this time
Scattering Garden Pending Yes Yes
Ossuary Interment Pending Yes Not at this time
Memorial Only Pending Yes Yes

Traditional Casket Burial/Interment

Currently, all casket burial graves are single depth. Companions wishing to be laid to rest together are placed side-by-side. Grave sites are chosen in a methodical manner, working across any given section to minimize traffic of cemetery equipment in the future for the best possible scenario for long-term maintenance and aesthetics in the cemetery. Families can choose a burial site within a certain area of the cemeteries. Six cremated remains are permitted on a full burial site once the casket has been interred. Each cremated remains placed will require a Right of Interment and can only be placed with the permission of the family.

In-Ground Cremation Burial/Interment

All three cemetery locations offer in-ground cremation options. Cremation lots are 2’ x 2’ and can accommodate up to two urns per grave site. There is room on each cremation grave for a memorial and flower vase. Fees for in-ground cremation lots are based on occupancy, single or double.

Columbarium Inurnment

Columbaria is an above ground, multi-level structure made of metal and granite, and composed of a number of niches to house cremated remains. Cremated remains placed in the columbaria must be in a durable sealed urn. Contact our office to determine if the urn you have chosen meets the requirements. Niches are purchased based on single or double occupancy and can easily accommodate two standard sized urns.

Rockery Columbarium  Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery Columbaria Inurnment Staging
Rockery Columbarium, Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery Columbaria Inurnment Staging

Ossuary Interment

Ossuary is a receptacle located below ground for the co-mingling of cremated remains. This option is very economical, while maintaining the dignity of handling cremated remains. Once cremated remains are placed in the ossuary they are non-recoverable.

A bronze memorial can be placed on either the memorial wall or granite pillow for those wishing to place a memorial. Memorials are not mandatory.

Scattering Garden

Scattering garden is a place where loved ones can scatter the cremated remains amongst a collection of trees, plants and flowers. The cemetery crew maintains the garden for the benefit of all families represented there and cemetery visitors. Once scattered in the garden cremated remains are non-recoverable.

A granite memorial pillow to hold bronze memorials is located in this garden for those wishing to place a memorial. Memorials are not mandatory.

Scattering Garden & Memorial Pillow, Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery
Scattering Garden & Memorial Pillow, Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery

Memorial Only

A memorial only option is provided for those that may be laid to rest in another location, which may include, but is not limited to, another cemetery, scattered, another country, or if a body was never recovered.

The City has two options at Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery for memorial only placement. On the granite pillow in the scattering garden and on the memorial wall located at the columbarium site.

At Hazelmere Cemetery we have just opened a scattering garden which also has a granite memorial pillow.


Graveside Options

Watch/Lower option is permitted but may be discouraged against at certain times of the year, or when families are unprepared to see in the grave. Funeral home staff must be in attendance until the family departs the cemetery.

Watch/Close option is permitted but may be discouraged against at certain times of the year or when families are unprepared to witness the full closing of the grave procedure. During the closing of the grave families need to maintain a 20’ distance from the grave site and equipment for safety reasons, and funeral home staff must be in attendance until the family departs the cemetery.

Canopy/Tent is available free of charge upon request for inclement weather and shade from heat. Please note that our canopy will not be used when windy conditions are present.

Graveside seating is available free of charge upon request. The City will provide a bank of seating for 4 and it will only be placed at the grave location when it is safe to do so.

A Pallbearing service is provided for upon request. Please note that only 2 pallbearers (cemetery ground crew) are available and will be dressed in work clothes. The cemetery staff have the right to refuse assistance at the graveside if deemed unsafe in any way (i.e. weight of casket, inappropriate footwear of funeral home staff or family, ground conditions, etc.).



Product Options

Burial Vaults

Monticello VaultA burial vault or liner is mandatory. There are 2 main reasons vaults are required: 1) burial vaults are designed to protect the casket, and 2) graves naturally settle over time and vaults help maintain a fairly even surface for both maintenance and safety purposes.

Families can choose between a variety of vault/liner options and need to consider if they would like the casket:

  • to rest on the earth
  • to be completely enclosed in a vault and, if so, waterproof
  • to be enclosed in concrete, plastic, fibreglass, PVC, steel, copper, bronze or a combination of materials

At the time of making burial arrangements the office staff can explain the options and associated fees.

Cremation Vaults for In-Ground Interments

Cremation Urn VaultCremation vaults are available for single and double occupancy and are mandatory in the legal best interest of the family, and for liability reasons when handling cremated remains. Liners protect the urn and provide families the opportunity to add mementos to the vault and create ceremony at the graveside. Also, in some cases, families have been known to relocate cremated remains when they move and vaults facilitate this convenience.


Flower Vase

PermavaseA flower vase for placement in the ground, separate from the memorial, is available in a black or a bronze textured finish for a fee. A flower vase is not mandatory and can be purchased at any time. The flower vase must be purchased from the City; no outside flower containers in the ground are permitted.


Cremation Bronze Memorials - (excluding ground memorials)

Bronze memorials are used on the columbaria niche fronts. The bronze memorials are uniform in shape, size and layout, and are supplied and installed by the City. Customization is done for each memorial through either an epitaph or emblem and the choice to add a bud vase or not. Bud vases can only be added at the time the plaque is ordered.

Bronze memorials for the scattering garden pillow and memorial wall located at the columbaria site are also available, and are supplied and installed by the City in accordance with approved design and specifications established by the City, as per the Cemetery Management Bylaw.


Bella UrnThe City has a selection of urns available on display at the office location. Cremated remains being placed in the columbaria must be in a durable sealed container.

Keepsake Urns

Heart KeepsakeThe City has a selection of keepsake urns available on display at the office location. Keepsake urns can be used to divide the cremated remains among family members or loved ones, or to take part of your loved one home with you to be near at all times. 


JewlelleryCremation Jewellery is a unique way to remember your loved one. Cremation Keepsake Jewellery is suitable for both men and women of all ages. Pendants feature an area inside the cremation locket to place the cremated remains of your loved one. The cremated remains are kept safe and near your heart at all times, and are tastefully contained in a beautiful piece of jewellery.

The City has a selection of jewellery available for cremated remains, including a variety of necklace and bracelet options.

Comfort Cub

Comfort CubKeep a loved one close at heart with this irresistibly soft and huggable 14" teddy bear. Featuring a special chest pocket that holds a 14K gold plated locket, the Comfort Cub™ consoles and soothes anyone who faces separation through death or distance.

The multifaceted locket holds photos, a lock of hair, cremated remains, dried flower petals or earth from a burial site. This quality-crafted locket can be laser or diamond engraved with a personal message and tucked away or taken out of the cub at any time.



Contact information

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