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Surrey Centre Cemetery

Heritage Section of Surrey Centre Cemetery


About Surrey Centre Cemetery

Surrey Centre Cemetery was established early in the history of Surrey by the Methodist Church and has been in use for over 110 years. It was acquired by the City in 1924.

This site is the final resting place of many of Surrey's pioneers and is also noted for many of its unique specimen trees and shrubs. As a result, this site was also added to the Surrey Heritage Register in December 2000, based on its historical, cultural and natural significance.

This 14-acre cemetery is located in West Cloverdale at 16671 Old McLellan Road, and has a country charm with spectacular views of the north shore mountains and Mt. Baker. The Christ Church Anglican Church and Cemetery, itself a heritage site, and Schara Tzedeck Jewish Cemetery are adjacent to and partly surrounded by this cemetery.

Address and visitation hours

16671 Old McLellan Road, Surrey BC
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Visitation hours: 8:00am to dusk or 8:00pm (whichever comes first)

View of North Shore Mountains                   Surrey Centre Heritage Area
from Surrey Centre Cemetery

Contact information

City of Surrey Cemeteries - Administration Office
6348 - 168th Street, Surrey, BC V3S 3Y1
Phone: 604-598-5770
Fax: 604-598-5880