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Speed Reader Boards

Speed Reader Boards help raise awareness and reduce vehicle speeds

We're investing in a Speed Reader Board pilot program.

How the boards work

Speed reader boards use radar to measure vehicle speeds and provide feedback to drivers of the speed they are travelling relative to posted speed limit. This treatment is currently being used in many municipalities across the Lower Mainland.

Why we're installing them

Studies suggest these signs are highly effective at reducing vehicle speeds immediately after installation, however motorists get used to them over time. As a result, as part of our pilot program, we are installing speed reader boards for a period of four (4) to six (6) months, and then they will be moved to a new location. 

Where the boards are located

  • Barnston Dr near 177A St
  • 60 Ave near 146 St
  • 100 Ave near 127 St
  • 168 St near 61 Ave
  • 115 Ave near 136 St