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92 Avenue and 152 Street Traffic Signal Project

92 Avenue and 152 Street project location

Project Description

We’re planning to install a new traffic signal at 92 Avenue and 152 Street. Traffic signals can help improve road safety and reduce traffic delays, and provide safe crossings for pedestrians. This signal will help improve access into and out of the neighbourhoods on either side of 92 Avenue, and will help improve pedestrian access to the transit stops on 152 Street, to Surrey Christian Secondary School, and to Berkshire Park Elementary School. This project is part of the Safe and Active Schools Program.

This project includes:

  • New left-turn bays on 92 Avenue
  • Slight widening of the pavement on 92 Avenue west of 152 Street to accommodate the new left-turn bay
  • Parking restrictions on 92 Avenue adjacent to the new left-turn bays
  • New raised median along the northbound left-turn lane on 152 Street
  • New crosswalks on all four legs at the intersection
  • Pushbuttons for cyclists on 92 Avenue to cross 152 Street
  • New crosswalk and curb bulge on 92 Avenue and Fleetwood Way

Medians are commonly used on busy arterial roads to help improve road safety by restricting left turns close to the intersections and clearly demarcating the left-turn bays, thereby reducing the potential for vehicular conflicts.  Although this will impact access to several properties, given the high traffic volumes on this important arterial road, the median extensions are needed to help improve safety on 152 Street.

The new crosswalk and curb bulge on 92 Avenue at Fleetwood Way will help improve pedestrian access to the schools north of 92 Avenue and the shopping areas south of 92 Avenue.

Project Schedule

This project is anticipated to begin in the summer and end in late 2016 or early 2017.

This project is part of a construction package that includes other traffic signal and intersection improvement projects. To maximize the efficiency of equipment and resources, typically contractors work at several locations concurrently, with crews responsible for the different types of work involved in roadworks moving between locations as needed.

However, roadwork is heavily dependent on weather, so delays aren’t uncommon and are often related to wet or cool weather. Fronting properties will be notified about five days in advance of the start of construction.

Contact Us

Contact Pat Zoerb, Project Supervisor, with any questions or concerns regarding this project, by telephone at (604) 591-4277 or by e-mail at