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Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy

Wave in Crescent Beach

As the climate changes, coastal areas everywhere can expect more frequent and severe flooding from storm surges and sea level rise.

To help prepare Surrey for a changing climate and help our coastal communities become more resilient, the City of Surrey is developing a Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy (CFAS) for Surrey’s coastal floodplain area.

The three-year project builds on recent and ongoing work in the area, including the Crescent Beach Coastal Flooding Charrette Series.

CFAS will also take a participatory, community-driven planning approach that will directly engage residents, stakeholders, and other partners, including First Nations, community and environmental organizations, business associations and groups, senior governments, farmers and agricultural community, and neighbouring jurisdictions.

Coastal Flooding Area

Explore the history and future of Surrey’s coastal floodplain. Learn how coastal flooding impacts environment, communities and people, agriculture, infrastructure, and culture by clicking the map symbols below.

Contact CFAS

For more information, please contact Matt Osler, Project Engineer, City of Surrey at or 604-591-4657.

Mud Bay Park

CFAS Overview

See how Surrey is preparing for climate change with the Coastal Flooding Adaptation Strategy.

Serpentine Fen

Surrey's Coastal Floodplain

Surrey’s coastal floodplain is home to neighbourhoods, habitats, businesses and infrastructure.

Flooding in Surrey

Causes of Coastal Flooding

Learn about the different causes of climate change and sea level rise.

Waters close to shore

Coastal Flood Hazards

Learn about the hazardous impacts climate change and sea level rise can have on coastlines.

Group of residents at a CFAS meeting

How to Get Involved

Learn about the CFAS community meetings that have taken place, and plan to attend a future event.

Participants interacting with boards at CFAS open house

Background and Resources

Find news releases, presentations, and materials about Surrey's Coastal Flooding Adaptation Stategy.