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91 Avenue (13500 Block) Sidewalk Project

91 Ave project location

Project Description

We are planning a sidewalk project on the south side of 91 Avenue from 135A Street to the lane west of King George Boulevard.

This project includes:

  • New  concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter connecting the existing sidewalks on 91 Avenue from the west side of 135A Street to the east side of the lane
  • Grass boulevard with trees between sidewalk and curb
  • Repaving of 91 Avenue between 135A Street and the back lane

This project will benefit pedestrians on 91 Avenue by improving pedestrian safety and comfort, and improve pedestrian access to transit on King George Boulevard. It will provide a continuous sidewalk on the south side of 91 Avenue from King George Boulevard to 134 Street.

Project Schedule

This project is anticipated to occur between spring and fall 2016.

This project is part of a construction package that includes many other sidewalk projects. To maximize the efficiency of equipment and resources, typically contractors work at several locations concurrently, with crews responsible for the different types of work involved in repaving moving between locations as needed.

However, roadwork is heavily dependent on weather, so delays aren’t uncommon and are often related to wet or cool weather. Fronting properties will be notified about five days in advance of the start of construction.

Contact Us

Contact Ross Burkholder, Project Supervisor, with any questions or concerns regarding this project, by telephone at (604) 591-4290 or by e-mail at