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Fleetwood Greenway North Creek ISMP

Creek in Fleetwood

We're looking for feedback that will help us plan your watersheds’ future! Take our short survey and tell us your observations on the creeks in Fleetwood. Your feedback will be used to develop an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan for Fleetwood Greenway and North Creek. 

The Watershed Study Areas

The City of Surrey is developing an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) for both the Fleetwood Greenway area and North Creek catchment, two upland areas that drain to agricultural lowlands on opposite sides of the middle Serpentine River.

The study areas include five named fish-bearing watercourses:

  • Fleetwood Creek,
  • Drinkwater Creek,
  • North Creek,
  • South Creek, and
  • St. Gelais Brook.

Also included are several un-named creeks that are identified by streets they are located near, including 161A St. Creek, 162 St. Creek, and 166 St. Creek in the Fleetwood Greenway area. 

Fleetwood ISMP map
Both catchments have mainly urban residential land use, with some commercial development and small areas of industrial land use. The study areas are currently experiencing densification and/or re-development of single family residential areas, with some new development as well and a few areas of conversion to residential land use from other land uses. 

Scope of Work

The ISMP project combines study of stormwater runoff and environmental watershed values under current development conditions and compares them with changes in stormwater flows and volumes under expected future development conditions. The project looks at the issues for both sets of conditions, develops a future vision of the watershed to guide development of solutions, and then develops a plan to: 
•    Address watershed issues under current land use conditions
•    Mitigate changes  in watershed conditions under future land use conditions, and
•    Protect and improve the environmental health of the creeks and watersheds for the future.

The project is divided into four stages of work: 

Stage 1 – What Do We Know – Data Collection and Assessment of Existing Conditions

This stage develops an overall picture of the existing conditions of the watershed with respect to land use, stormwater infrastructure, and environmental values. Key issues and existing opportunities are identified.

Stage 2 – What Do We Want – Vision for Future Development

The visioning process looks at the expected future conditions in the watershed, and develops a Vision of guiding principles for the development of solutions and recommendations for future development. 

Stage 3 – How Do We Put This Into Action – Implementation, Funding and Enforcement Strategies

The core product of the ISMP is developed at this stage, when solutions, mitigation, and enhancement recommendations are developed, along with capital planning for funding and implementing recommendations and processes the City can use to follow through with the recommendations.

Stage 4 – How Do We Stay On Target – Monitoring and Assessment Plan

This stage outlines the metrics that the City will monitor to track changes in the watershed and assess whether the goals of the ISMP are being met, or what needs to be adjusted to continue to work toward the goals.

Project Status

The Fleetwood Greenway ISMP  project has completed Stages 1 and 2. Work on Stage 3 is currently underway. 

Stage 1 Take-aways:

Issues to be addressed and opportunities to be pursued by the plan:

  • Flooding & Network Capacity
  • Creek Erosion
  • Future Development
  • Water Quality
  • Environmental Impacts and Enhancement Opportunities
  • Community Enhancement Opportunities

Stage 2 Vision:

In line with the City’s Official Community Plan, the Fleetwood Greenway North Creek ISMP will provide a plan for the future of the water shed that protects and enhances the watershed health and is Green, Safe, and Inclusive.  

You can contribute to the ISMP!

If you live and work in these watersheds and have knowledge of the creeks and watersheds, the City would appreciate your input and feedback. Local knowledge and perspective helps to make this project relevant and successful in protecting the future of your watersheds!


If you have any questions or comments on the information presented here or if you have relevant information about the Fleetwood Greenway North Creek study areas, the City would like to hear from you!

Please contact David Hislop, P.Eng., Project Supervisor at the City of Surrey at