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Road Paving Program


The City is responsible for operating, managing and maintaining over 1400 km of road throughout Surrey.  Over time, stress on the pavement requires it to be ultimately replaced.

Other factors including but not limited to: compaction, drainage, thermal, trenching, asphalt mix and placement and jointing can all contribute to the useful life of a given road structure.  With time, road structures begin to deteriorate and as part of the City’s annual capital construction budget, funding is allocated for rehabilitation and maintenance of existing roads.

Project Overview

In order to improve the current condition and level of service of the City’s road network, a selection of roads are considered each year to be part of the annual pavement rehabilitation program. These roads are determined primarily based on:

  • condition assessment data which is collected approximately every five years,
  • input from City staff, and;
  • service requests generated by the public.

This year, the following roads are scheduled for rehabilitation:

Arterial and Collector Roads:

Local Roads:

Contact Information

We take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Project Engineer: Jason Daviduk at 604-591-4079 or by email at