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South Campbell Heights Local Area Plan

South Campbell Heights LAP Boundary

News and Updates

July 2017 - Stage 1 Land Use Concept Plan Approval

On July 24, 2017 Surrey City Council:

  1.  Approved the Stage 1 South Campbell Heights Land Use Concept Plan, as described in Corporate Report R171;
  2.  Approved an amendment to the Campbell Heights Local Area Plan, consistent with the South Campbell Heights Land Use Concept Plan;
  3.  Directed staff to prepare a bylaw to amend Figure 3 (General Land Use Designation map) in the Official Community Plan ("OCP"), to be consistent with the Stage 1 South Campbell Heights Land Use Concept Plan, and
  4.  Directed the City Clerk to bring an Official Community Plan amendment bylaw for required readings and to set a date for associated Public Hearing (expected in Fall 2017).

If Council grants third Reading to an OCP amendment, staff will prepare and submit an application to amend the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy ("RGS"), including potential adjustments to the Urban Containment Boundary ("UCB"). The RGS amendment process is expected to take approximately six months, after which the OCP amendments may be finalized by Council, assuming approval at the Metro Vancouver Board. 

Stage 2 of Planning Process

Once the necessary Metro Vancouver RGS and the City OCP amendments are completed (TBD in Winter 2018), City staff will seek Council’s authorization to proceed with Stage 2 of the Local Area Plan process. Stage 2 will include a detailed servicing and transportation strategy to support the approved land uses, detailed design and development policies and guidelines, Aquifer Protection Measures, and a financial strategy.

LAP Planning Process

The Local Area Plan is being conducted in accordance with a Council approved Planning Terms of Reference ("ToR"), identified below.

Past Planning Consultation

The local area planning process involves significant consultation with stakeholders, land owners, intergovernmental agencies, city committees and the Public.

Public Open House #1

On May 31, 2016, a Public Open House #1 was held at Shannon Hall to discuss the South Campbell Heights Local Area Plan.  Open House material available below:

Public Open House #2

On May 8th, 2017, Surrey City Council approved a 'draft' Land Use Concept Plan for South Campbell Heights, which was presented at public Open House #2,  to receive comments and gauge support for the draft land use concept and planning principles.See Corporate Report R095, titled "South Campbell Heights Land Use Plan Update" for more details. Subsequently, on June 28, 2017 the City of Surrey hosted a Public Information Meeting at the Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club to provide the public an opportunity to comment on a land use concept plan and planning principles for the South Campbell Heights Local Area Plan (“LAP”) as requested by Surrey City Council.  The Public Open House provide members of the public an opportunity to view and comment on the development of a land use concept plan for the South Campbell Heights Local Area Plan.  Open House Materials are provided below:


On September 14, 2015, Surrey City Council initiated a Local Area Planning process for the South Campbell Heights Area. The South Campbell Heights Local Area Plan ("LAP") includes lands that are outside of the agricultural land reserve ("ALR") and south of the existing Campbell Heights Business Park near the Township of Langley border. The LAP area is approximately 245 hectares (600 acres) in size. The lands are identified as a “Special Study Area” in both the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy ("RGS") and the Surrey Official Community Plan (“OCP”) indicating an area of the City where future land planning is projected, potentially leading to changes from current land use in the future. All of the lands within the LAP area are currently outside of the Greater Vancouver Sewerage & Drainage District's ("GVS&DD") Fraser Sewerage Area and the Regional Growth Boundary.

Background Reports

Background Studies

Contact information

Markus Kischnick MCIP, RPP
Community Planner
Community Planning Division
Phone: 604-591-4485