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South Campbell Heights Local Area Plan

South Campbell Heights LAP Boundary

Plan Initiation

On September 14, 2015, Surrey City Council initiated a Local Area Planning process for the South Campbell Heights Area. The South Campbell Heights Local Area Plan ("LAP") includes lands that are outside of the agricultural land reserve ("ALR") and south of the existing Campbell Heights Business Park near the Township of Langley border. The LAP area is approximately 245 hectares (600 acres) in size. The lands are identified as a “Special Study Area” in both the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy ("RGS") and the Surrey Official Community Plan (“OCP”) indicating an area of the City where future land planning is projected, potentially leading to changes from current land use in the future. All of the lands within the LAP area are currently outside of the Greater Vancouver Sewerage & Drainage District's ("GVS&DD") Fraser Sewerage Area and the Regional Growth Boundary.

Local Area Planning Process

The Local Area Plan is being conducted in accordance with a Council approved Planning Terms of Reference ("ToR"), identified below.

Stage 1 of the planning process is currently underway and is estimated to be completed by the summer of 2017. Following Stage 1 approval, an amendment of the OCP and the Metro Vancouver Regional RGS would be initiated in order to achieve consistency with the approved LAP and to resolve the Special Study Area designation in these plans. The RGS amendment process is expected to take three to six months and is estimated to be completed in the winter of 2017.

Following Stage 1 approval, the Stage 2 portion of the planning process would then commence and include the Engineering Servicing Strategy (Sewer, Water, Drainage, Transportation, and Financing), but only upon the resolution of the Special Study Area designation in the OCP and the Metro Vancouver RGS. Stage 2 is estimated to take an additional year to complete.

News and Updates

On May 31, 2016, a Public Information Meeting was held at Shannon Hall to discuss the South Campbell Heights Local Area Plan.  The purpose of this first public meeting was to:

  • provide background on why there is a plan being done in the area;
  • introduce the City’s planning team, and discuss how the planning process will take place;
  • provide results of an environmental and market study conducted for the area;
  • provide an opportunity to view and comment on draft planning principles; and
  • allow comments and suggestions about future Land Use Plans.

Open House material available below:

Planning Consultation

The local area planning process involves significant consultation with stakeholders, land owners, intergovernmental agencies, city committees and the Public.

Background Reports

Background Studies

Contact information

Markus Kischnick MCIP, RPP
Community Planner
Community Planning Division
Phone: 604 591-4485