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Property and Building Managers Information

 The Rethink Waste Collection Service Program Includes:

  1. Weekly organics collection service at your apartment complex,
  2. Organic waste carts that will be situated next to your recycling carts at your building,
  3. One 7 L kitchen catcher per apartment unit,
  4. Cart cleaning services and educational material,
  5. Program administration and customer service, and
  6. Waste Diversion Guides for each apartment unit.

Organics Cart Washing Service

The City will provide cart washing services on a weekly basis from April to September and biweekly for the remainder of the year. The carts will be cleaned, sanitized and deodorized on a fully enclosed, automated cart washing truck. The truck is equipped with a water tank and the waste water from the cart cleaning process will be captured and appropriately discarded for treatment.

Recommended Carts

The number of carts that will be provided will depend on the number of units in your building. Use this guide to help estimate how many Organics Carts your building needs.


Help Reduce Contamination. With less contamination in the organics cart, the final compost will be a better product that can be used in agricultural, landscaping and gardening projects.

No plastics of any kind incluing compostable or biodegradale bags. No diapers, sanitary products or pet waste. No batteries or hazardous waste. No glass jars.

Collection Day Map

Collection occurs on all statutory holidays except Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
Organics and Recycling carts will be serviced on the same day, with collection occurring on a weekly basis.


Download our Property and Managers Waste Diversion Guide for more information and tips on implementing organics collection in your apartment building.


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