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Organics Disposal Ban

On January 1st 2015, the Metro Vancouver Organics Disposal Ban came into effect across the region. This ban restricts disposal of food scraps and other compostable materials in landfills, meaning all residential and non-residential properties are required to separate organic material from their regular garbage.

Currently, enforcement occurs for loads containing more than 25% food waste, with this threshold decreasing to 10% and then 5% in the following years. To learn more about the Metro Vancouver Organics Disposal Ban, please visit Metro Vancouver’s website.

In 2012, the City introduced the Rethink Waste Collection Program (food waste collection) for single family homes. Since then, we have reduced our landfill garbage by over 40%. The program received a national Sustainable Communities Award for its ‘Rethink Waste’ Collection Program from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The Sustainable Communities Award recognizes innovation and excellence in municipal sustainable development across Canada. In early 2015, to help further reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, the City expanded to include the Rethink Waste Program for multi-family buildings (apartments and condominiums) in Surrey.

Please visit Metro Vancouver’s website to download various resources including tips, posters, tools and information on the disposal ban.