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Cloverdale Town Centre Plan Update

On February 24, 2014, Surrey City Council received a report from the Plannning and Development Department and authorized staff to review and update the existing Cloverdale Town Centre Land Use Plan and Urban Design Concept. The Plan was approved by Council in 2000 to provide direction on land uses, urban design features, community amenities, and engineering infrastructure in Cloverdale Town Centre. A “Town Centre” is an area that has been identified in Surrey’s Official Community Plan (OCP) as being “the distinctive, social, cultural and commercial centre” of its community.

While aspects of the Cloverdale Town Centre Plan have been realized, there have been changes to conditions that have made parts of the Plan outdated. A number of changes have occurred in the Town Centre that are not reflected in the current plan, including the construction and planned expansion of the Surrey Museum, the approved redevelopment of the former Cloverdale Mall into a mixed-use neighbourhood, the relocation of the Fraser Valley Heritage Rail facility, the construction of a replica Cloverdale Interurban station, and the heritage rail tourism service between Cloverdale and Sullivan Station.

The Cloverdale Town Centre Plan is being reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure that it is current and meeting its objectives. The proposed study area boundaries for the Cloverdale Town Centre Plan Update are shown on the map below.

Background Information

Neighbourhood Consultation

The review and update of the Cloverdale Town Centre Plan will include a public and stakeholder engagement process. The first Public Open House/Information Meeting was held on May 22, 2014.  Additional meeting(s) will be held in 2015.

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Erin Schultz, Planner
Planning & Development Department

Phone: 604-598-5776
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