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Trees & Landscaping

Trees on private property

If you have a tree on your private property or want to build on a property with trees, you'll need to understand the regulations within the Tree Protection By-Law.

To remove a tree, you must meet specific requirements and criteria within the by-law. This includes allowing for construction and building on a site with trees. Tree cutting permits will not be issued for reasons such as: view improvement, neighbour request, or blocked sunlight.

Once you have reviewed all the necessary information, complete the tree cutting permit application to make your request to the City.

Tree Protection By-Law (2006, No. 16100)

This by-law reduces the number of trees being removed, killed, cut or damaged by improving protection and replanting requirements. The City's goal is to provide a balance of saving the right trees in the right places with removing and replanting others.

Tree Permits

A tree removal permit is required to cut of remove any protected tree on private land and to prune any significant tree.

A protected tree is:

  • A tree with a trunk with a Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) of >30cm (11.75"). DBH is measured at a point 1.4 m (4'6") above the natural grade.
  • A multiple-stemmed tree whose DBH is >30cm (11.75"). Each stem of a multiple stemmed tree is measured in the same fashion and the diameters of the three largest stems added together for overall DBH.

There are also specific trees that are protected, regardless of size. Find out more about tree measuring and what other trees require a tree cutting permit.

Once you have reviewed all the tree permit and removal information, complete the tree cutting permit application to proceed with removal.

Replacement Trees

It is required to plant and maintain one or more replacement trees for each tree cut or removed. Review the replacement tree information for all the requirements.


There are costly penalties for removing or damaging a tree that is protected under the by-law. Make sure you have all the information before you go ahead with removing a tree.


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