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Building Inspections

You must have met all residential building inspection requirements or commercial building inspection requirements before scheduling an inspection.

You can schedule your inspections online and get updates on your request using the online Inspection Request. To use the system, visit the 2nd floor service counter at Surrey City Hall to get registered to use the convenient online system.

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Inspections for Single Family Dwellings

To make a Frame Inspection request, you must first have the prior inspections:

  • Approval of Rough Plumbing Inspection(s)
  • Approval of Electrical Rough Wiring Inspection(s) including low voltage permits

To make a Final Plumbing Inspection request, you must first have the prior inspections:

  • Approval of Building Insulation Inspection

To make a Final Building Inspection request, you must first have the prior inspections:

  • Approval of Final Plumbing Inspection(s)
  • Approval of Final Electrical Inspection(s) including low voltage permits

Inspection requests not following these procedures for Single Family Dwellings cannot be scheduled. Plumbing and Electrical inspection approvals must be granted no later than the day before the requested Building inspection (they may not be scheduled for the same day).

Unauthorized Construction and Secondary Suites

To report unauthorized construction in your neighbourhood call 604-591-4231 and press "5" or email For complaints regarding secondary suites in a home you can make a complaint, and find more information, online or contact Bylaw & Licensing Services at 604-591-4370.

Community Care Facilities (Daycares) Inspections

An application review and inspections are required to be completed by the Building, Electrical, and Fire Departments within the City of Surrey in order to operate a child (daycare), or adult, care facility. See Community Care Facilities License Inspection Request for more information on the process of opening a Community Care Facility.

Business Licensing Inspections

The Business License Inspection Process involves inspections by the Building, Plumbing, and Electrical sections within the Planning & Development Department. Inspections are performed after an application is made with the Business Licensing section.

Inspection Area Map

The Inspection Area Map outlines who to contact in each area for these inspections.





Area 1

Cory Peterson

Tim Sander

Todd Carroll

Area 2

Devon Bolton

David Banziger

Amit Dayal

Area 3

Jagdeep Gill

Jurgen Krueger

Tyler Perkins

Area 4

Kevin Aney

Robert Trotman


Aaron Bennest

Area 5

Clayton Welch

Bruce Broughton


Mark Stevens


Area 6

Dave Peters

Rod Danylchuk


Greg Lavia

Area 7

Kyle May

Ivan Buljevic

Kris Sorenson


Jon Milloy

James Bordignon

Rick May


Harprit Grewal

Matt Christiansen


Bob Pritchard


See the Building & Construction Bulletin Board for recent updates.

Scheduling Inspections

To make a request for a building inspection please call 604-591-4231 or, if you have been assigned a login by the front counter, use our online request form or mobile app. For more information on registering for the online service please visit the building front counter at City Hall (2nd floor West). If you have been assigned a login to use the app and require technical assistance please email

Inspections are automatically scheduled for the following business day if booked before 3pm. Due to high call volume, any inspections not completed on the scheduled day will be scheduled for the following business day.

To cancel an inspection call 604-591-4231 before 9am on the day of your inspection. Work that is not ready for a scheduled inspection may be subject to a re-inspection fee.

Daily Inspection Schedule

Inspection times are available through our schedule line by calling 604-591-4650 on the day of your inspection, after 9:30am. You will require the area number (located on the top right-hand corner of your permit) and the address when you call the schedule line. If you do not hear your address on the schedule please call the building inspections section at 604-591-4231 .

On April 14, 2014, the boundaries for building inspections have changed and may not be reflected on the permit you were originally issued. Please see the Inspection Area Map to verify your inspection area.

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