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Transit Shelters

Transit Shelter on 104 Avenue

Transit Shelters in Surrey

There are over 230 transit shelters located throughout the City of Surrey. Transit shelters are important amenities that:

  • Provide cover from weather
  • Improve the visibility of a bus stop
  • Offer a comfortable waiting area

Each year, approximately 10 new shelters are installed. In order to determine the best locations for new shelters, every bus stop in Surrey is evaluated and prioritized according to the following criteria:

  • Number of people who use the stop (minimum of 25 boardings per day)
  • Number of vehicles driving past the stop (at least 10,000 vehicles per day)
  • Amount of space available on City property (to physically accommodate a shelter)
  • Proximity to major destination
  • Frequency of buses
  • Surrounding land use

Requests and Feedback

If you would like to request a new shelter at a bus stop or provide comments and suggestions, please fill out our CitySpeaks survey.