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Public Responsibility in Snow & Ice Conditions

Shoveling snow on a walk

As City crews work to clear snow during snow, residents and businesses are also responsible for snow removal and sidewalk maintenance. Taking care of your surrounding property makes it safer for your community and is appreciated by all.

Keep your property sidewalks clear

You must clear snow from sidewalks around your property before 10am after a snowfall. When you keep your sidewalks clear it makes it walking safer for yourself and your neighbours.

If you do not clear your sidewalks, you may be fined under City of Surrey’s Highway and Traffic Bylaw:

Business: $75 per day

Residential: $50 per day

Schools are responsible for keeping their sidewalks and parking lots clear.

Snow Removal Etiquette

Shovel snow onto your lawn, not the street

Shovelling snow onto the street creates more work for snow plows, slowing down the clearing process.

A snow plow pushes snow to the right road-edge of the street and cannot carry snow away. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes snow may be pushed back onto your driveway or sidewalk, even if you have already shoveled it. If this happens to you, please shovel the snow onto your lawn to keep the streets and sidewalk clean and safe for your neighbours and other drivers.

If you have a fire hydrant in front of your home, please clear the snow around it for easy emergency access.

  • Park your vehicle in your driveway or along the same side as your neighbours, if possible

    Talk to your neighbours about all parking on one side of the road. Keeping one side curb free allows for better snow plow access. It also helps avoid possible snow pileup on your car from the snow plow.
  • Be a good neighbour

Give your neighbours a hand shoveling snow, especially if they are seniors or have limited mobility.

  • Keep curb free from debris and bins

Remove any decorations, garbage, recycling and organic bins off roadways where snow plowing may take place. Check the collection schedule for notices about delayed collection.

  • Help keep catch basins free of debris, especially during melting conditions

Blocked catch basins may result in excess buildup of water along the road area. This could become dangerous if it freezes and may also result in flooding of nearby properties.

Tips for Keeping Safe in the Snow

  • Check the weather warning before heading out

Always be aware of the weather forecast, especially when driving. Make sure you feel confident to drive, use a more suitable car if possible or even have a friend drive.

Bring a thermos with a hot drink, a blanket, some food and any medicationyou need, in case you get stuck in your car or anywhere else in the cold.

  • Wear bright clothing or refective gear

Make yourself easily seen by road users. Safety lights are available from places like dollar stores to attach to clothing, bags, scooters or wheelchairs. TetraGear lights are a great, more permanent solution for wheeled transportation.

  • Wear a good pair of snow boots for safety

Pick boots that have a good tread. Try to avoid stairs if you can. Snow covered stairs are extremely dangerous and are the most common cause for falls in the winter season.

  • Use a walking stick that comes with spikes for better grip for icy conditions

Another option is a mobility walker that have 4 contact points for added stability.

  • Make sure you have new crutch tips are for increased grip

If you use crutches, check their tips to make sure they are not worn out. Special spiked tips are also available for crutches. Ask someone to walk with you on snowy days for extra support.

  • Try to walk close to railings or walls

This way you’ll always have something to hold. Also, make sure you have a mobile phone in your pocket at all times so that you can call someone in case of an emergency.

  • Know your wheelchair or mobility scooter capabilities

If you use a light weight mobility scooter or a wheelchair, most won’t be able to carry you on snow. Since lighter models don’t dig into the ground, they are unable to form a strong grip on the road. If you use a light wheelchair, it is best to ask someone to assist you when possible. Get a good set of gloves and a set of tires with thickly gripped treads if you can. For those in manual wheelchairs, you can get a FreeWheel attachment for the front on the wheelchair.

Mobility scooters and heavier wheelchair can generally work well with snow up to six inches. If the snow is higher than this, it's probably best to play it safe and stay home. If you have to go out in heavy snow, keep a backup plan so that you can get help if your mobility scooter or wheelchair gets stuck.

  • Make sure vehicle is prepared for winter conditions

This includes tuning up and winterizing your vehicle, fitting your car with the right tires and keeping snow shovels, salt and de-icers in your car. Learn more driving and preparations tips.

Snow Clearing Contractors

Residents or businesses using this list will be advised that the City of Surrey has not negotiated any pricing with any of the contractors listed. In addition, the City does not warrant the work nor does it endorse any one of the contractors on the list. The cost of any service provided is to be established between the contractor and the customer. The customer will be responsible for providing payment directly to the contractor for any snow clearing service performed. The City will not act as an intermediary for any disputes relating to non paying customers or complaints of unsatisfactory work performed by the contractor. Also, the burden of risk shall be borne by the contractor with respect to carrying out services to residents. All contractors must also ensure appropriate levels of insurance coverage and required licensed.

Jim's Mowing (Aarde Werk)
Victor De Jager
Snow clearing and salting services for residential properties and small commercial areas.

Perfect Turf
Nafe Nasser
Snow clearing services for residential and commercial properties.

Diamond Shovel Contracting
Andrew Bader
Snow clearing and salting services for townhouse complexes and commercial properties

Nozomi Development Services
Greg Stoddart
Snow clearing services for residential and commerical properties

Everest Snow Removal
Snow clearing services for residential and commercial properties

BC Best Paving
Karan Dyal
Snow clearing services for commercial and large residential properties


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