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Retrofit Fixture

Permit Requirements

Subject to Section 11 of the Electrical Safety Regulation and as per BCSA Bulletin No:  B-E3 100224 1, the City of Surrey requires that a contractor obtain an electrical permit for:

  1. Replacement of complete luminaires.
  2. Energy efficiency upgrades of existing luminaires. 

Certification Requirements

Alterations to a florescent luminaires involving energy efficiency upgrades will in most cases "result in the product ceasing to meet the standards required to be met by the certification agency that authorized the use of the certification mark". See Safety Standards Act, Section 68.

Variance Requirements

  1. As per BCSA Bulletin No:  B-E3 100224 1 an alternative to re-certification of an altered florescent luminaire is a  Request For Variance (RFV) may be submitted for each installation site. The RFV is to be submitted with the contractor installation permit application. In the case of an operating permit the RFV shall be submitted via the normal variance process.

*RFV for acceptance of altered florescent luminaires will not be accepted for homeowner installation permits.*

Labeling Requirements

  1. Each replacement component (regulated product) must bare acceptable evidence of approval within the province of British Columbia. See BCSA Bulletin No:B-E3 071019 3.
  2. Each luminaire must bare a "new" label installed by the permit holder identifying the characteristics of the altered luminaire, permit number and be located so that the Electrical Safety Officer may observe without the use of tools or removal of luminaire components. The label may be covered by a diffuser or lens as long as tools are not required to remove the lens or diffusers.
  3. The City of Surrey requires a sample label for each type of altered luminaire to be attached to the final Declaration of Compliance.

Sample Label:

Permit No:________________Date__________
Lamp/s : Qty_____Type___________________
Volts: __________Amps_______Watts_______

 See BC Hydro's Rebates & Savings website for more information.