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Expired Electrical Permits

As the permit holder, you are responsible for ensuring your electrical permit does not expire, along with the compliance and safety of the installation performed under the permit.

It is highly recommended that you sign up for online permitting privileges. The Online Permit System provides the status and an indication of each permit's expiration date. Permits that are left to expire will be subject to the requirements of Surrey's Electrical Bylaw 15596 (10, 11, 12) and permit expiration fees, with no exceptions. If you do not have a copy of a "Final - Passed" inspection certificate, consider that permit active.

You can find details on this in City of Surrey’s Electrical Bylaw. For further direction, see the Expired Permits Guideline bulletin.

Extension requests after the permit expiration date

After the extension fee has been paid, submit your Contractor's Authorization / Declaration Form to Surrey's electrical team to request an extension.

If you don't submit your CAF indicating a permit extension request and pay the associated fees within 30 days of the permit expiration date, your ability to receive a permit will be suspended until further notice. A notice referring to this expired permit will be placed on tax role; this information is available to purchasers of this property. This record will be removed once a final approval has been granted for this electrical permit.

Refer to the Permit Extension Fees section on current permit application form.

For more information on permit extensions or expired permits, contact the City of Surrey's Electrical Section at or 604-591-4240.

Extension requests before the permit expiration date

If your permit is near expiration, you can request a permit extension depending on the type of permit you have.

  • Installation Permits: Submit your Contractor's Authorization / Declaration Form to Surrey's electrical team to request an extension to an existing regular permit before the 180-day expiration for regular installation permits to avoid the extension fee.
  • Temporary Electrical Permits: Valid for 120 days from issuance or from the last electrical inspection.

For more information on electrical permits, see our Electrical Permits page.