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Surrey Electrical Incident Reporting Forms Now Available

Electrical Incident Reporting Forms are available for those who require to report electrical related hazards.

Download forms from Electrical Department Updates.

Learn about how to apply for electrical permits, request an electrical inspection and access electrical forms and guidelines.

Electrical Inspection Areas

Surrey is divided into three inspection areas: North, Central & South. Each area has designated Electrical Safety Officers. To speak to the area Electrical Safey Officer or to review the daily inspection schedule line please call 604-591-4650.

Please note as of September 2017, new inspection areas have been put in place. Refer to the Inspection Area Map.

Surrey's Safety Officers are available for consultation at City Hall weekdays mornings from 8:30am to 9:15am. Due to the high volume of inspections, the Electrical Safety Officers will no longer be returning to the office at the end of each work day.


For more information, review the items below, or contact Surrey's Electrical division at or 604-591-4240.

permits for electrical work

Electrical Permits

Apply for your electrical permit online, and find out the requirements for getting electrical permits in Surrey.

Electrical Inspection

Electrical Inspections

Request an electrical inspection in Surrey online, and learn the inspection requirements and causes of possible delays.

Electrical installed in slab

Electrical Installation Requirements

Review the electrical installation requirements in Surrey, and see what you need to have and do to keep with the permit guidelines.