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Redwood Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan

Redwood Heights NCP Illustrated Map

A Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) is currently being prepared for the area designated as Neighbourhood 4 in Grandview Heights now called "Redwood Heights". An NCP provides future land use information along with a road layout concept, design guidelines, servicing plan and financing plans.

On July 27, 2009, Council authorized staff to bring forward a Terms of Reference (ToR) for the preparation of a Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) for the Grandview Heights NCP Area #4. Council’s authorization was subject to execution of an Agreement by the owners who requested that the City initiate the NCP process for this area (Grandview Heights NCP Area #4 Owners’ Group).

Grandview Heights NCP Area #4 Terms of Reference
Grandview Heights NCP Area #4 Study Area 

Corporate Reports

View information on the Citizen's Advisory Committee.

News and updates

April 2016

On April 12, 2016, Council was updated on the development of the Stage 2 component of the Redwood Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP), and was provided an overview of the engineering servicing strategy that is underway, by way of Corporate Report No. R073 - Redwood Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan - Stage 2 Update

The report identified that additional traffic modelling will be initiated by the City in May of 2016, for additional consultant services that will extend beyond the Redwood Heights NCP area so as to comprehensively identify the transportation demands of the Grandview area, including Redwood Heights.  The traffic model will forecast the fully developed scenario and expand the study area to identify traffic impacts the developed area will have on the City and Provincial road networks. The results of the additional work will delay the completion of the NCP, but will allow staff to complete the Stage 2 component of the Redwood Heights NCP.

Consultation with landowners, stakeholders, and the general public will continue as part of the Stage 2 NCP consultation, and will include:

  • An update meeting with the Redwood Heights CAC and Landowners group to advise them on the additional transportation assessments;
  • Two additional CAC meetings as the stage 2 servicing strategy is finalized;
  • An Interagency and Stakeholder group meeting; and
  • A Final Stage 2 Public Open House once all engineering servicing and transportation studies are complete.

April 2015

Corporate Report No. R045 - Redwood Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) - Funding of the Stage 2 Component of the NCP

October 2013

On October 7, 2013, Council approved the land use concept for Grandview Heights NCP Area #4, which completes Stage 1 of the NCP.

Corporate Report No. R201 - Grandview Heights Area #4 Neighbourhood Concept Plan - Stage 1 Land Use Concept

July 2013

The NCP consultants are revising the draft servicing report to respond to the review by staff, and have also commenced work on the draft transportation report.

The work on these 2 reports will continue in consultation with staff for completion in summer 2013. It is now anticipated that the next CAC meeting will be held in September 2013.

The final draft preferred land use concept plan and details from the draft servicing and transportation reports will be provided at this meeting for information and discussion.

This will be the last CAC meeting before Stage 1 NCP report is submitted to Council for consideration and approval.

April 2013

Following the Public Open House held in February, the draft preferred land use concept is being reviewed and fine-tuned, and the various street and interface details are being developed in preparation for the completion of Stage 1 of the NCP.

A draft servicing report has been submitted by the NCP consultants, and is now under review by staff. When the results from a city-wide transportation study are available and have been reviewed by staff, they will be provided to the NCP consultants to allow them to complete a draft transportation report on the NCP.

Following the review of the engineering reports and revisions, as may be necessary, and fine-tuning of the preferred land use concept plan, it is anticipated that a final CAC meeting will be held in June or early July 2013 for discussion before staff submits the Stage 1 report for consideration by Council.

February 2013

Public Open House #3 - February 6, 2013

The City held a Public Open House on February 6, 2013, to provide residents, owners, and other interested parties with an opportunity to view and comment on a draft Preferred Land Use Plan for Grandview Heights NCP #4. Feedback from the Open House will be considered before a final Preferred Land Use Plan is presented to Council in conjunction with Stage 1 of the NCP.

All files are in PDF format and will open in new windows.

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Display Boards - Part 2 
Display Boards - Part 3
Feedback Form

December 2012

A Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) Meeting was held on November 1, 2012, to discuss the preferred land use concept plan, preliminary costs for servicing of the NCP area and draft report on the greenspace levy to allow the City to acquire the proposed wildlife hub and corridor areas.

Through the remainder of this year, the greenspace levy report will be finalized, the servicing costs will be reviewed against the anticipated revenue from development cost charges, and any further adjustments will be made to the preferred land use plan as necessary.

It is expected that a Corporate Report will be sent to Council in January 2013 to request Council’s authorization to hold a Public Open House.

August 2012

A draft preferred land use concept plan has been prepared, pending results of work on the costing of the engineering services and a green space implementation study and discussion with the Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC). The costing information is currently being reviewed before it is released to the consultants working on the green space implementation report.

After this report is completed, the draft preferred plan will be reviewed with CAC in light of the engineering costing and green space implementation reports before it is sent to Council for authorization to hold a public open house.

At present, it is anticipated that the next public open house will be in November. Staff are holding a meeting with CAC at the end of August to provide them with an update on the progress of the NCP and anticipated timelines.

February 2012

Since the last public open house, City staff and project consultants have been developing a preferred land use option in consultation with the CAC. Cost implications for servicing the NCP area and implementing the green space concept are being studied.

It is anticipated that the preferred land use concept and cost information will be presented to the public at a public open house before summer 2012. The public will be notified of the public open house when the date and venue have been decided.

May 2011

Public Open House #2 - May 3, 2011  

On December 13, 2010, Council authorized staff to hold a public open house to seek feedback on the Vision and Planning Principles, and the 3 Land Use Options developed for Grandview Heights NCP #4.

All files are in PDF format and will open in new windows.

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Comment Sheets Package 

School Planning

May 2010

Introductory Public Open House & Information Meeting - May 12, 2010

The City held the first Public Open House and Information Meeting on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm in the gymnasium of the East Kensington Elementary School located at 2795 - 184 Street.

The purpose of this public open house/information meeting was to introduce the City’s planning team, provide background information on the NCP area, describe the planning process, and establish a Citizen's Advisory Committee to work with City staff and the consultant in developing the NCP.

All files are in PDF format and will open in new windows.

Display Boards 
Comment Sheet

Recommendation regarding CAC selection was announced at the Public Open House on May 12, 2010.

April 2010

Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC)

The first step of the planning process is to establish a Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) to work with City staff and the consultant to formulate planning principles and objectives for the NCP and develop a land use concept plan.

The CAC will be comprised of approximately 13 to 15 members selected from property owners within NCP Area #4 and representatives from the community organizations active in the adjacent areas and the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

Letters to all of the property owners in the area will be mailed shortly to invite applications for participation on the CAC. Also, invitations will be sent to community organizations to submit names of their representatives for the CAC membership, and the property owners in the adjacent ALR will also be invited to apply to be on the CAC.

Applications from the property owners and nominations from the community organizations are due by Friday, April 30, 2010. The City will review the applications for CAC membership and prepare a list of prospective candidates from the applications submitted by the property owners to ensure a balanced representation from the NCP area.

The City has retained Stantec Consulting Ltd. of Vancouver, BC, to assist City staff in the preparation of an NCP for Grandview Heights Area #4.

Background information

All files are in PDF format and will open in new windows.

Grandview Heights General Land Use Plan

Grandview Heights Heritage Study (May 2005) 
Draft Erickson Creek Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (July 2008) 
Grandview Heights Commercial Market Analysis (August 2008) 
Grandview Heights Overview Environmental Assessment and Tree Survey (Dec. 2008) 
Placemaking and Public Space Guidelines (September 2009) 
Grandview Heights NCP #4 Neighbourhood Heritage Context Study (May 2011)

Official Community Plan
Sustainability Charter

Grandview Heights NCP Area 4 Base Mapping Inventory (This is provided as only background information by the consultants of the Owner's Group.)

Questions or comments? Email us at Grandview Heights NCP #4.