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Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan Update

Semiahmoo Town Centre 3D Image from Open House

We're currently updating the Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan. In addition to the land use concept, the plan will provide an engineering servicing strategy and comprehensive financial plan.

On September 25, 2006, Council received Corporate report No. C018 and a Land use Concept forming Stage 1 component of the Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan Update.

Council also authorized staff to undertake the Stage 2 component on the basis of the approved Land Use Concept. Stage 2 comprises the completion of a detailed engineering servicing, transportation, phasing and financing strategy, detailed urban design guidelines and a strategy to provide community amenities.

Corporate Reports

News and Updates

May 2012 Update

On May 28, 2012, Council received Corporate Report No. R118 and approved an

  • Interim Implementation Strategy for development applications in the Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan area,
  • Interim Land Use and Density Concept,
  • Interim Transportation Concept,
  • Interim Urban Design, Building Height, and Massing Concept,
  • Interim Parks, Recreation, and Community Amenity Concept, and also approved an
  • extension of the Semiahmoo Town Centre planning area, including the 24th Avenue Land Use Study Area.

April 15 and 25, 2009 - Public Open Houses

Two days of interactive Public Open Houses and Workshops explored design, density and other plan components, and build community consensus on a final Plan. The Open Houses and Workshops were held over 2 days to allow more people to attend and discuss the concepts.

The displays at the open houses provided information on Stage 1 Plan and status of the Stage 2 components including the engineering services, transportation and design guidelines. The open houses were held on Wednesday, April 15, 2009, from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday, April 25, 2009, from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Both open houses and workshops were held at The Rotary Field House in South Surrey Athletic Park.

Open house presentations, display, workshop workbook, and questionnaire:

March 5 and 18, 2009 - Stakeholder Workshops

Two workshops with the stakeholders were held on March 5 and March 18, 2009, from 11am to 1pm at the Rotary Club House.

Stakeholder Workshop #1

Stakeholder Workshop #1 took place on March 5, 2009. The stakeholders, including key property owners, agencies, businesses, developers and representatives of the Semiahmoo Residents Association and Friends of the Semiahmoo Trail, and staff from the City of White Rock and TransLink, were invited to this workshop.

The workshop provided  the stakeholders an opportunity to express their views on what they like about the Stage 1 Plan and what they would improve in the Plan.

Workshop presentations:

Stakeholder Workshop #2

Stakeholder Workshop #2 took place on March 18, 2009. City staff presented an overview of the comments provided by the stakeholders at the Workshop #1 on March 5, 2009.

Workshop presentations:

The City’s urban design consultants presented 3D Building Massing options, followed by an interactive session with the stakeholders.

3D Massing Study Images: All files are in .jpg format and will open in new windows.

February 9, 2009 - Stage 2 Public Consultation

On February 9, 2009, Council received Corporate Report No. R016 regarding Stage 2 Public Consultation on the Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan Update.

Council endorsed a public consultation process, authorized staff to take steps to implement it, and directed staff to report back to Council with the results of the public consultation process before completing Stage 2 of the Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan Update.

The public consultation will include workshops with the stakeholders and public open houses/workshops.

July 5, 2004 - Stage 1 Public Consultation

On July 5, 2004, Council approved a Terms of Reference to proceed with a market analysis for, and updating of, the Semiahmoo Town Centre Development Concept Plan, Urban Design Guidelines, and a servicing strategy. A consultant team was retained to conduct the study. The study comprised 2 phases.

Phase 1 recommended actions that can be implemented to ensure the continued vibrancy of the Town Centre and included a market analysis. Phase 2 proposed a planning and urban design process for updating of the Town Centre Plan, including a land use and urban design concept and a general servicing strategy.