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Surrey City Centre Plan

Rendering of LRT in City Centre

Surrey City Centre is in the midst of significant transformation; what was once a suburban town centre, is developing into a walkable, transit-oriented downtown core for business, cultural, and entertainment activity. The City Centre Plan, endorsed by Council in 2017, will guide this process.

This transformation is being driven by a clear vision for the area. Future City Centre will be a vibrant downtown with distinct neighbourhoods, each with its own unique character.

Connected to major regional destinations by Skytrain and Light Rail Transit, City Centre will feature roads designed to promote safe walking and cycling. It will be known for its green parks and plazas, planted boulevards and gardens, fish bearing creeks, and spectacular views to the North Shore Mountains.

Already home to such landmarks as City Hall, City Centre Library, Simon Fraser University and Holland Park, over the next decade, careful planning will establish a downtown core in City Centre where people want to live, work and play. Discover current development activity in Surrey City Centre.

Study Area

The City Centre plan area is strategically in North Surrey at the crossroads of major transit routes, King George Boulevard and Fraser Highway. The City Centre area encompasses about 542 heatares (1,341) acres, making it one of the largest core urban areas within Metro Vancouver. The boundaries extend from approcimately 94 Ave in the south to 112 Ave in the north, and from 132nd Street to 140th Street, west to east.

Background Information

Surrey is a rapidly growing community that balances its agricultural heritage with its emergence as a major urban centre. We're the second largest municipality in BC, and are expected to accommodate a large majority of the growth in the Lower Mainland in the coming years. In recent years, much of this growth has been experienced in Surrey City Centre.

Surrey City Centre's experienced two major periods of growth: the first in the early 1990s and the second at the beginning of this century.

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