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Major Projects in City Centre

City Centre's currently experiencing a resurgence of development. The City Centre Library, Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre and covered youth park increased the civic presence in the area. The new City Hall continues to build the presence in this area.

As part of the City Centre Plan Update, a development concept, proposed land use plan, transportation network, and open space concept has been approved. The plan is now in its implementation stage, Phase II, Stage 2.

Major private developments in City Centre

History of developments in City Centre

Surrey is a rapidly growing community that balances its agricultural heritage with its emergence as a major urban centre. We're the second largest municipality in BC, and are expected to accommodate a large majority of the growth in the Lower Mainland in the coming years. In recent years, much of this growth has been experienced in Surrey City Centre.

Surrey City Centre's experienced two major periods of growth: the first in the early 1990s and the second at the beginning of this century.