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Whalley Land Use Plans

Surrey City Centre Plan

Over the next decade, careful planning will establish a downtown core in City Centre where people want to live, work and play.

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Whalley's land use plans provide neighbourhood-level details to guide development in growing areas, including land use designations, locations of amenities, servicing and other related information.

New Land Use Plans Underway

There are currently no new land use plans underway in Whalley.

Reviews & Updates of Approved Plans

There are no current reviews and updates of approved plans in Whalley.

Approved Land Use Plans

Name of Plan Plan Summary Documents Date Approved by Council
Surrey City Centre Plan Surrey City Centre is in the midst of significant transformation; what was once a suburban town centre, is developing into a walkable, transit-oriented downtown core for business, cultural, and entertainment activity. January 2017
South Westminster Neighbourhood Concept Plan A strategy and land use plan for the build out of a large (514 ha) predominatly industrial portion of northwest Surrey, including  the Fraser Riverfront and Fraser River Docks. December 2003
South Westminster Heights Infill Area Plan A plan for the infill of an upland area of west Whalley, between Royal Kwnatlen Park and the South Westminster industrial area. July 2013


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