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Secondary Land Use Plans

Aerial view of Surrey City Centre, facing the Fraser River.

Surrey has a number of secondary land use plans that supplement the Official Community Plan. Secondary plans provide detailed neighbourhood-level land use planning for developing areas throughout the city. These include General Land Use Plans (GLUP), Neighbourhood Concept Plans (NCP), Local Area Plans (LAP), Town Centre plans (TC), and the Surrey City Centre Plan.

General Land Use Plans provide an overall planning framework that will act as a guide for the preparation of future Neighbourhood Concept Plans. NCPs, once completed, plan for the servicing, development, and ultimate build-out of an area. Town Centre plans are prepared for the five areas designated as a Town Centre in the Official Community Plan. Finally, Local Area Plans are older plans that provide general land use information but no detailed information on financing, servicing, or urban design.

Information on existing secondary land use plans is organized by community:

Please also view information on secondary land use plans in progress.