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Driving & Traffic in Surrey

Surrey staff in a carpool.

Drive to, through and around Surrey safely and conveniently with tips, information and updates on Surrey's streets and roads.  

If you're new to Surrey, learn about getting a BC Driver's License, and where to go to take your driving test. 

Contact us at or by phone at 604-591-4853 if you have any questions on driving and traffic in Surrey.

Traffic Management Centre

Traffic Management Centre (TMC)

The Traffic Management Centre is a state-of-the-art facility used to manage traffic in our City.

Traffic signal in Surrey.

Traffic Signals

See where we install traffic signals in Surrey, and how traffic signals and left-turn arrows work around the city.

Roundabout in Surrey.


Learn how to drive, cycle and walk around a roundabout in Surrey.

Intersection in Surrey at night, with street lights on.

Street Lights

Report a Surrey street light outage, or learn the steps to have a street light installed, removed or moved.

Surrey staff in a carpool.


Find your Surrey carpool and see how carpooling can save you money, help the environment, reduce congestion, and lead to new friends.

Modo at Gateway CityPoint


Get access to a vehicle when you need it with car-sharing.

Speed hump in a Surrey street, with cars parked near it.

Traffic Calming

Learn about the 3 ways to reduce traffic speeds on local Surrey roads, and how to request traffic calming in your neighbourhood.

Back lane with a speed bump

Back Lanes

Learn when and how lanes and speed humps are constructed and paved in Surrey.

Traffic camera in Surrey.

Traffic Camera Network Uses

See traffic at over 60 major Surrey intersections from our live traffic cameras.

Surrey transportation map

Surrey Road Network & Maps

Come see the different types of roads found in Surrey.

Graph showing traffic volume in Surrey.

Traffic Volume Data

Review maps depicting live traffic volume counts in Surrey.

Snow plow on road

Winter Snow & Ice Control Operations

Find information on the City's Snow and Ice Control Operations.