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2011 Report on Transportation

Learn how transportation has been improved in 2011 in our 2011 Report on Transportation (PDF. New window.).

Transportation Report highlights

Some highlights from the Report


In 2008, the City of Surrey adopted a new Transportation Strategic Plan (TSP), setting out a vision, objectives, proposals and priorities for transportation in Surrey in the future.  Through the framework of the TSP, the City aims to promote a balanced transport system that gives sustainable choices in the way we travel to, from, and within Surrey and which fully integrates and complements other policy areas associated with the environment, health and safety, economic well-being, and land development.

The TSP contains over 100 Actions for Change, including 8 Early Actions, which were identified as our first priorities. The 2011 Report on Transportation (PDF. New window.) is our second reporting on the progress of those Actions for Change. Also see the complete 2010 Report on Transportation (PDF. New window.).