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Cycling Plan

Cycling Plan front coverOn July 23, 2012, the City of Surrey adopted a new Cycling Plan, which sets out our vision for the expansion of cycling as a safe and convenient transportation choice for Surrey residents and visitors.

The Plan builds on the 2008 Transportation Strategic Plan that identified the importance of cycling in achieving broader transportation and City objectives in the areas of:

  • safety,
  • health,
  • accessibility,
  • sustainability,
  • environmental protection, and
  • developing a successful Surrey economy.

Cycling Plan Principles

The Plan is organized around 4 principles, each supported by a strategic objective:

  1. Making Connections: Expand and improve the on- and off-street cycling network.
  2. Providing Door-to-Door Service: Increase the availability, quality, and variety of end-of-trip facilities.
  3. Managing and Maintaining the Network: Keep the network safe, visible, and in optimum condition.
  4. Promoting Cycling: Promote safe cycling as a healthy, fun and sustainable way to travel.

Within the 4 principles, the Plan identifies over 70 Actions for Change, to help build a cycling-friendly Surrey.

Read Surrey Cycling Plan and explore the complete route of cycling in Surrey.

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