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Bikeability Assessments

Did you know?

  • Employees who bike to work are sick less frequently.
  • Property managers are attracting new tenants by marketing their buildings as "bike-friendly'.
  • The leading deterrent for getting people to cycle  is lack of safe, secure parking.
  • Up to 10 bicycles can fit in a parking spot.

In partnership with the City of Surrey, HUB (formerly the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition) is introducing bikeability assessments for commerical buildings and workplaces.  Having a bikeable business will make a building more inviting to keep and attract new tenants, and will ensure that the workplace is healthy, happy and bike friendly.


If you are interested in getting a bikeability assessment of your building and/or workplace, please email


HUB has developed the bikeability standard for the region and would love to help your building or workplace discover the bottom-line benefits of having staff and/or tenants biking to/from work.


HUB's trained assessors will work with you to determine your current bikeability. We'll also offer clear recommendations to help your business and workplace and/or building retain its competitive advantage.


Even better, you could have the chance of being crowned the most bikeable building in the region! Every business that receives this assessment is automatically entered to win. 


Please feel free to Contact HUB for more information at