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Cycling Tips & Education

Youth enjoying Bikes

Maybe you want to learn how to start cycling or maybe you want to just review the cycling laws in Surrey. Knowing tips and resources for safer cycling is important for a safe and fun bike ride in Surrey.

Explore our tips for riding on streets and pathways 

Bike Security & Theft Prevention

It only takes seconds to have your bike stolen. Learn how to better secure your bike by knowing which locks work best, how to lock your bike, and what steps to take to secure your bike.  These steps include:

  • Record your bike's information (take a photo, engrave your bike with a unique ID, write a description of the bike)
  • Double lock it
  • Park your bike in high visibility, high traffic areas with lots of activity
  • Try not to park your bike in the same location on a regular basis
  • If you see a bike being stolen, don't confront the thief, call 9-1-1
  • If your bike is stolen, report it to the non-emergency RCMP line at 604-599-0502
  • Never park your bike outside over night

Download and print our Bike Theft Prevention Hang Tag, so you can record your bike's information.  Also view our Bike Theft Prevention Brochure for more information.

You can also check out this video from Global Cycling Network about locking your bike to keep it secure:

Cyclist Handbook

Learn about bike safety, laws, and taking care of your bike in The Metro Vancouver's Cyclist Handbook:

Bikes and transit

All TransLink buses are equipped with bike racks. There is no additional cost to take your bike with you! Combining biking and taking the bus is a great way to get around while making sustainability a part of your lifestyle.