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Ornamental Street Lighting and Traffic Control

The contractor/installer must submit their electrical permit application compete with:

A complete set of drawings (hard copy) along with the paid permit application. The drawings must include the following pieces of information:

  • State if it is a new installation service base or an addition to existing installation.
  • Location of light fixtures
  • The approximate address of the service base.
  • Project numbers (Surrey Project or Land Development No.)
  • Number of and wattage of lights. (Marked new or added).

The inspection department will (24 to 48 hours):

  • Review permit application. If application or drawings are incomplete, notify the contractor to resubmit a complete the application package.
  • Review submitted drawings marking locations of various components for inspection.
  • Issue the electrical permit.

The contractor/installer will:

  • Once the permit application has been issued, perform the installation work in coordination with City of Surrey engineering, their design criteria and submitted drawings.
  • Once all work is complete, trigger an inspection by submitting a Contractor’s Authorization Form (CAF) by fax to our inspection department.

The inspection department will (attempted following day or within 48 hours):

  • Perform the electrical inspection.
  • Mark the location of various components on the drawings to “as built”.
  • Fail: Notify the contractor by fax noting deficiencies for correction. Notify the contractor to resubmit their CAF for subsequent inspection when ready.
  • Pass:
    • The inspection department will submit to BC Hydro a standard connection order.
    • Mark up the permit field card noting Pass, Date of Connection Order, the number of new lights, added lights and wattages. Note if it is a new service or added installation to an existing service.
    • Submit to engineering a copy of the field card with the marked up drawing/s with the information noted above.
    • Submit to engineering a copy of the Hydro Connection Order.
    • Complete and close the permit.