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New Red Light Cameras Go Live in Surrey

September 14, 2011

Surrey – Six new intersection safety cameras (ISC) have gone live in Surrey, bringing the total number of cameras to 27. The cameras detect and photograph vehicles running a red light and are expected to reduce casualty crashes at the sites by about six per cent a year.

The new cameras have been installed at the following intersections:

  • King George Blvd at 108 Ave.
  • 100 Ave. at 152 St.
  • 96 Ave. at King George Blvd
  • 72 Ave. at King George Blvd
  • 152 St. at Hwy 10
  • 64 Ave. at 176 St.

“The cameras are about creating safer roads and safer communities,” says Mayor Dianne Watts. “The crash data shows that red light cameras change driver behaviour and reduce the number of serious accidents in intersections. The new cameras have been strategically-placed at the most dangerous intersections and we’re hopeful the new technology will save lives.”

A team of experts, comprising RCMP, Police Services, ICBC, and engineering and traffic safety specialists, helped select B.C.'s highest-risk intersections. Site selection was based on where cameras would be the most effective in reducing serious crashes and fatalities.
Additional Surrey ISC Locations:

  • 152 St. at 88 Ave.
  • 96 Ave. at 132 St.
  • 88 Ave. at Fraser Hwy
  • 96 Ave. at 128 St.
  • 64 Ave. at 152 St.
  • 104 Ave. at 152 St.
  • 64 Ave. at King George Blvd
  • 88 Ave. at King George Blvd
  • 72 Ave. at Scott Road
  • 72 Ave. at 128 St.
  • 128 St. at 88 Ave.
  • 152 St. at Fraser Hwy
  • 88 Ave. at 140 St.
  • King George Blvd at 104 Ave.
  • King George Blvd at 80 Ave.
  • King George Blvd at 76 Ave.
  • King George Blvd at 128 St.
  • 152 St. at King George Blvd
  • King George Blvd at 92 Ave.
  • Fraser Hwy at 96 Ave.
  • Scott Road at 96 Ave.

The expanded program began in January and a total of 29 ISCs will be operational in Surrey by the end of the year. Not all cameras will be activated at the same time. The cameras will be operated strategically when historical and current data show the risk is greatest. This will maximize both the benefits and cost-effectiveness of the program.

Quick Facts about ISCs:

  • All ticket revenue goes to B.C. municipalities.
  • Violation tickets carry a $167 fine, which can be reduced by $25 if paid within 30 days.
  • Vehicles that have entered the intersection before the light turns red will not receive a ticket.
  • A ticket is not issued if a traffic signal is in flashing red mode.
  • Signs are prominently posted at the intersections to advise drivers that ISC cameras are in place.
  • Registered vehicle owners do not receive driver penalty points for red light camera offences.

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Media Contact:

Tara Foslien
Senior Communications Specialist
Office of the Mayor