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RCMP Officers Charged in Connection with Surrey Six Homicide Case

June 24, 2011

Surrey – Mayor Dianne Watts has issued the following statement:

"The charges issued today by the RCMP against four of its members in connection with breach of trust, obstruction of justice, and fraud send a clear and serious message that police officers may not abuse the power of their office and disregard the laws, rules and regulations which govern the department's operations.

Their alleged behaviour is completely contrary to the expectations we have of our police force and are a great disservice to all the RCMP members who work hard and put their lives on the line every day.

Any officer who holds him or herself above the law and abuses the rights of our citizens violates the fundamental principles of serving the public good and does great damage to the public trust.

I am thankful for the thorough investigation that has been done to date into this matter, I am confident in the process that is underway and I trust this will not affect the prosecution of those charged in this incredibly disturbing and serious case.”

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Media Contact:

Tara Foslien
Senior Communications Specialist
Office of the Mayor