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Advisory Design Panel

Building constructed with sustainable development.

The Advisory Design Panel (ADP) is appointed by City Council to advise the General Manager of the Planning & Development Department on the quality of design of the built environment in the City, and specifically to provide comments and suggestions to improve the design quality of the development projects being reviewed by the department. Recommendations of the panel are advisory only; the panel does not have the authority to approve projects or make policy.

The ADP Submission Requirements are intended to ensure that presentations to the ADP are complete and self explanatory, to aid the Panel members in reviewing and commenting on projects submitted for review.

See the ADP Terms of Reference for details on the Advisory Design Panel role and mandate, composition, and procedures.

  • Advisory Design Panel Members List – The panel includes design professionals (architects, landscape architects, and engineers), a heritage consultant, representatives of the development industry, the RCMP, and a disabled access advisor from the community.

Panel Meeting Schedule

See the 2017 ADP Meeting Schedule.
ADP Meetings are held twice per month at 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. on Thursdays at Surrey City Hall.

ADP Meeting Minutes: