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Survey FAQs

Q – Where is the Survey Section located?

A - The Survey Section is located at New City Hall, 4th Floor-West, 13450 104 Ave., Surrey, BC.

Q – Surveyors have been working in my neighbourhood and left stakes and paint markings. What are they doing?

A – It is best to speak directly to those surveyors working in the area. Ask what they are
      doing and who they are working for, you will generally get your answer. Most often
      private land surveyors can be working on provincial infrastructure projects, capital
      projects for the City, land development projects or surveys for home sales while City
      surveyors only work on City projects. The City’s COSMOS website is a great tool for
      you to use to find out where development is occurring and to also research capital
      construction projects in the City. Alternatively, call the Survey Section at 604-591-4253.

Q – Where can I find a copy of the survey of my house?

A – BC Land Surveyor’s Building Location Certificates are submitted to the Building
      Division and archived by the Building Division File Registry, Planning &
      Development Department.

Q – I want to build a fence between me and my neighbour but I can't find the pins. Can you come put them in?

A – Property lines between neighbours are a private matter. If property corners are
      missing it is the responsibility of the owner to hire a private BC Land Surveyor to
      resurvey the boundary and reinstate the property corners. Subsequently, the
      location of the proposed fence line can be established by the land surveyor.

Q – My neighbour is encroaching on my land, what do I do?

A – It is best to talk to your neighbour to establish what the issue is first. If you can't
      resolve the concern, hire a private BC Land Surveyor to resurvey the boundary.

Q – I'm not happy with the work of a BC Land Surveyor. What do I do?

A – It is best to talk to the land surveyor first to resolve your concerns. If you can't, then
      contact the Association of BC Land Surveyors and file a formal complaint.

Q – Where do I find out more information about land surveying?

A – Go to the Association of BC Land Surveyors website at