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Key Initiatives

Among the many initiatives that the Mayor has undertaken in Surrey, there are several that have established Surrey's reputation as an innovative and exciting city.

Economic Investment Action Plan - Phase 2

See how the updated plan will continue to position Surrey as a premiere investment location and leader in the sustainability sector.

Economic Investment Action Plan - Build Surrey

New City Hall on the Build Surrey Brochure Cover

The Build Surrey program of capital projects has been developed to position the city for a prosperous future.

Child & Youth Friendly City Strategy

Girls posing at the Kensington Prairie Summer Camp

See how our Strategy identifies what Surrey can do to promote young people's healthy development through engagement, the built environment and civic services.

Crime Reduction Strategy

child walking hand in hand with two adults at dusk

Learn about the 4 key goals to reduce crime and increase community safety, in Surrey's Crime Reduction Strategy.

Sustainability Charter

Cover of Sustainability Charter.

Explore the key document we use to guide sustainable growth in Surrey.

Livability Accord

Read about the Livability Accord and see what communities are doing to support each other.

City Beautification

Garden on Old Yale Road

Work with your neighbourhood and the City of Surrey to create spaces that promote community spirit and pride.

Task Forces

See the committees and task forces established by Mayor Dianne Watts.

Breaking Down Silos: Surrey's Literacy Strategy (VIDEO)

Watch the video on Surrey's Literacy Strategy.