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Surrey Libraries hosts #LoveItLockIt bike theft prevention event

May 13, 2015

Surrey Libraries is hosting the #LoveItLockIt bike theft prevention event on Saturday, May 23, 2015, in partnership with the City of Surrey Crime Reduction Strategy, Surrey RCMP, Surrey Crime Prevention Society and HUB - Your Cycling Connection.

Event locations include:

Guildford Library from 11:00am – 12:30pm
City Centre Library from 1:30pm – 3:00pm

The community will learn basic tricks to prevent bicycle theft:

  • Engrave your ride (engraving kits will be on-site!)
  • Discover your neighbourhood cycling routes
  • Meet and greet with bicycle enthusiasts
  • Attend interactive locking demonstrations, learn practical tips and win prizes!

The event is a free event open to all!

As the weather gets better and the days grow longer, more cyclists are out and about enjoying various areas of the City such as libraries, recreation centres, parks and festivals. An important part of cycling that is sometimes overlooked is securing your bike correctly to reduce your chances of bicycle theft.

Auto theft has long been part of the public consciousness but similar issues are faced by cyclists. International Crime Victim Survey states that a bicycle owner is more likely to have their bicycle stolen than a car owner their car. Some tips to keep your bike safe and secure are:

  • Buy the best lock you can afford: In terms of bicycle locks, you typically “get what you pay for”.  It’s best to invest in a ‘U-lock’ made of hardened steel as cable locks can be easily cut. If possible use both a U-lock and cable lock. Bicycle thefts often happen quickly (in a matter of a few seconds) and are crimes of opportunity so always lock up your bike even if leaving unattended for a short period of time.
  • Know where and how to lock your bike:  Always chose a location that is highly visible to passerby’s and has good lighting. Make sure to secure your bicycle to immovable objects that cannot be easily altered; chain-link fences or trees can be easily cut and sign posts can often be removed.  Also try mixing up your routine, avoid locking your bicycle at the exact same location. When locking your bicycle, first make sure to put the ‘U-lock’ through both the frame and rear wheel and lock it to the post or bike rack. Then use a cable lock to lock front wheel to post or rack as well. This makes sure your front wheel is not stolen and gives a second line of defense.
  • Record details about your bike:  No method is foolproof so make sure to record details about your bicycle, it makes it easier for police to return it to you if found. Record the serial number, make/model, colour, engrave your bike with a unique I.D (such as driver’s license number), and take a photograph of your bike. This information should be written down and stored in a safe place.

For more information about how to reduce the chances of bike theft here are some tips from the Surrey RCMP.