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About Surrey Municipal Elections

In 2014, the Province introduced new legislation that changed the length of the time (term) an elected member will serve from three years to four years. Every four years, voters will elect one mayor, eight councillors and six school board trustees.

Election Legislation

Legislation within BC creates strict guidelines and rules regarding the conduct of municipal (local government) elections. These regulations have been established to ensure that elections are fair, open and honest.

The City of Surrey is bound by the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act  and the Local Government Act. This legislation provides a legal foundation for local governments to represent the needs of their communities. These acts provide information regarding:

  • Arrangements for elections & for voting
  • Election proceedings
  • Electors & Voting opportunities
  • Qualifications for office
  • Nominations and declaration of election & Declaration of invalid election
  • Candidates and representatives
  • Campaign financing
  • Conduct of voting proceedings
  • Counting of the vote & Judicial recount
  • Election offences

Related information such as sign and advertising regulations can also be found in other sections of the act.


Running for Office

Learn how to run for city council or endorse a candidate in the next election.

Who's Who on City Council

Learn about the positions of your City Council.

Surrey's Election History

Learn about Surrey's election history from incorporation to the ward system to now.